The Most Common Magento SEO Problems and How You Can Fix Them

The Most Common Magento SEO Problems and How You Can Fix Them

SEO is vital for any person who has a website. If Google does not recognize your site, then all of the hard work which you used to set up your site will go down the drain. The primary objective of any website is turning visitors into potential clients. And it is impossible to do this if your site is not optimized. If you are using a Magento platform, then you might encounter some problems which are common. Here are ways in which you can fix such issues when they arise.

Get rid of duplicate content

One of the worst mistakes is having content which is duplicated in your site. When you duplicate content, Google will be signalled that you are copying content like texts and images and this will lead to poor ratings on your site.

To avoid the issue of duplication, you can write unique content description for every product.

Utilize headers and title tags

All Magento experts can tell you that you should manually optimize the tags. Although Magento automatically does this, it does not optimize the title tags. If you’re running an online store with multiple products, it may seem hard to optimize each product tag manually, and this is why it is recommended that you use different product groups. This way you can set up title tags and assign them to the specific products.

For example, if you are selling dresses, you can set different title based on the color, type and even brand this way it will be easy categorizing the products and also will be able to view them.

Optimize the URLs of product pages

You should not depend on the Magento default setting to optimize product pages. This is a common mistake which is made, and it may have severe consequences.

To carb this problem you should use top-level URLs you can do this by using Magento settings.

Making use of nofollow links

Probably your website has numerous pages which you don’t want to be crawled by Google. Examples of such pages include a wish list, check out and your login page. There are no advantages of these pages being indexed by Google on the contrary they might cause the essential pages not to be indexed.


In case you have been having problems with your Magento site hopefully the above problems and solutions have helped you in one way or the other. If you are unable to fix the issues, you can inquire about help from a Magento expert.

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